Cin7 configurations
and integrations

Cin7 Partner and Specialist Contractor, Consultant and Trainer to optimise and custom configure your inventory system.

All we do is Cin7

We fix cin7 issues

Cin7 custom configurations

9 Yards takes the lead on customising and optimising your Cin7 system.

We are a Cin7 inventory system integration specialist service provider across Australia, New Zealand, USA and UK.

We focus on the commercial applicational functionality so Cin7 works for your business operations through on-boarding, consulting, training, issue fixing, month-end reporting and support.

9 Yards bring to the table supply chain, inventory management, demand forecasting, warehouse management, business intelligence, ERP and S&OP experience to your business.

What we do

Master Data Management

We can fix your core data framework customising Cin7 to reflect your business processes


We will configure your Cin7 system to match your inventory workflows and Go Live with you

Finance Reconciliations

Perform monthly revenue and inventory recociliation with your cloud Xero and Quickbooks

Order To Cash

Customisation of Cin7 to better marry your organisations order processing

Purchase To Pay (P2P)

Determine your system to better automate your purchasing process in Cin7


Customisation of Cin7 to better marry your organisations order processing

Customised Workflow Mapping

Chart your course to optimise Cin7 inputs and outputs across your team

POS Setup

We can setup POS for your business


Connect with your 3PL to autmate inventory data flow

API Connections

Develop the connections to empower your Cin7 inventory system


Connect Cin7 to your cloud services to automate data flow

Business Intelligence

Cin7 data analysis and metrics to make smarted inventory decisions

Our Services


Contractor to get into you Cin7 backend and fix your issues. Just leave it to us to get the job done

The Consultant

Planning your growth through Cin7 optimisation that is customised to your business processes


Get your team upskilled. Empower your organisation using Cin7 to increase accuracy and efficiency

Now is great chance to get to know us. We may just be the perfect solution for you.

Cin7 integration partner

Operating as your go-to specialist, 9 Yards customises your Cin7 configuration and optimises the commercial application of your software to better fit your unique business processes.

This can include Cin7 integration mapping, implementation, month-end reconciliations, monthly reporting, review and training.

9 Yards is a Cin7 Certified Integration Partner. We know how to get the most out of your Cin7 system.

Our Clients

Where we are

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