Cin7 Integrations

Cin7 Integrations

9 Yards are a Certified Cin7 Integration Partner.

Connecting your Cin7 system to other critical cloud systems so that your inventory is real-time and dynamic is what we do.

With your optimised Cin7 inventory system we can connect and custom configure so data flows between Cin7 and your other cloud finance, eComm, 3PL, B2B and fulfillment software.

Add New Integrations

We can custom configure your Cin7 for data flow

We connect and custom configure Cin7 to your other cloud software

Fix Broken Connections

We can fix your frustration and optimise your system

Broken integrations can be fixed to get your inventory data flowing

Integration partners

Cin7 integrates with over 700 cloud software systems.  We can complete your integration with custom configurations based on your operational inventory workflows.  We help to automate processes, create data flows and optimise existing connections.

Cin7 Integration Benefits

9 Yards wants you to succeed. Integrating your Cin7 inventory system with your other key cloud software can enable real-time data and better access to your inventory, sales, finance and operations data.

We do more than complete the integration, we will custom configure your Cin7 system to optimise your data workflows.

Effective integrations deliver measurable results fo your business. We ingrate Cin7 with finance, marketplaces, 3PL, shipping fulfilment, eComm and B2B.

9 Yards is a Certified Cin7 Integration Partner.  All we do is Cin7 and we are great at enabling businesses just like yours.

Get to to know us and learn how we can lead your Cin7 transformation

Certified Cin7 Integration Partner

Let us take the lead and perform your integration requirements.

All we do is Cin7.  We are really, really good at optimising and customising Cin7 systems.

Automated Workflows

Utilise your Cin7 inventory system as your effective and efficient centralised integration platform

End-To-End Visibility

Enable and empower your organisation to track, monitor and manage your inventory lifecycle


Over 700 Cin7 integrations.  Connect with Shopify, Amazon, Xero, Quickbooks,  Brandscope, Quiiuq 

Go Live

9 Yards will plan, develop, test and deploy your custom configured integration 

"achieve real-time inventory data with great Cin7 integrations"

Paul Murray
Cin7 Integration Specialist

Now is great chance to get to know us. We may just be the perfect solution for you.