Onboarding Cin7

Onboarding Cin7

A great onboarding is the process to transition to your new Cin7 inventory software.

It requires meticulous planning, an understanding of your operational inventory flows and how to custom configure your new Cin7 system to best replicate your dynamic inventory processes.

9 Yards are specialists in Onboarding.  Our clients love their successful outcomes when working with us.  Let us lead your onboarding to Cin7 too.  Cin7 is an amazing system that we can configure to best optimise your business use.

Full Onboarding

We do it all for you

9 Yards onboarding = replicate inventory workflows + custom configure Cin7


Share and save fees
Co-onboarding means your team take some responsibility to prep your Cin7 system

Optimise your Cin7 system

9 Yards delivers deep system custom configuration within the versatile capabilities of Cin7. We adapt your unique business processes and configure these within your ERP system to optimise, streamline and increase efficiency.

We have onboarded remotely whether you are in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada or the UK

Get to to know us and learn how we can lead your Cin7 onboarding

All Cin7 Onboarding

We help busineses like yours in major markets where Cin7 operates.
9 Yards is customised for Australia, New Zealand, United States of America  and the United Kingdom.

Full Onboarding

9 Yards delivers deep system custom configuration within the versatile capabilities of Cin7.

We configure your Cin7 system to optimise, streamline and increase efficiency.

From technical setup, to custom workflows developed into your Cin7 system, data management, integration configuration and testing, we focus on a great go-live.


You may be interested in taking a more role part in onboarding Cin7 into your organisation.  

We offer a powerful 9 Yards co-onboarding program that empowers your team to prepare your inventory ready for uploading to Cin7.

Great data is the key to a fantastic onboarding and we can share our best practice knowledge with your team.

Post Onboarding

If you did not onboard with us, you may have a number of post-onboarding issues that you want specific help to fix.

9 Yards is often hired to fix and optimise clunky or broken Cin7 systems.

We can test your workflows, fix obvious setup errors and develop new custom workflows and integrations to bring your Cin7 system to optimal performance.

"our clients love our onboarding program and stay with us for years after as their go-to Cin7 specialist"

Paul Murray
Cin7 and integration specialist

Now is great chance to get to know us. We may just be the perfect solution for you.

Our Specialities


Custom Cin7 configuration that reflects your unique inventory processes. 

Cin7 is a great option for many goods and services business just like yours but it need to be fine-tuned to meet your requirements


Integrated inventory gives you better data quality for analysis.

Let us connect your finance, eComm, 3PL, fulfillment and marketplaces.  These are all elements that need testing in your onboarding.


We create workflows in Cin7 to automate functions and data sharing.

Our knowledge can support your company in navigating the implementation of Cin7 to optimise your performance.

Our Clients