We love Cin7

9 Yards is your Certified Cin7 Integration Specialist.  Engage us as your Contractor, Consultant and Trainer to optimise and customise your inventory system.

What we do


Contract us to get into your Cin7 backend and fix your issues. Just leave it to us to get the job done


Planning your growth through Cin7 optimisation that is customised to your business processes


Get your team upskilled. Empower your organisation using Cin7 to increase accuracy and efficiency

How we do it

9 Yards could be as simple as a few hours a week to continue to evolve your Cin7 usability as your business grows.
Or an intense 4 month project partner for on-boarding, month-end reconciliation reporting.
Perhaps a medium-term casual contract for 6 months to get you through an integration transformation.

We operate as a contractor or consultant where we use our skills and expertise to get the job done.
Our services are hired to fill the knowledge gap you have as a small/medium business.

Every business is unique and dynamic. Cin7 and other cloud-based systems need to be modified to suit your operational requirements to improve efficiency, visibility and accuracy.

A great chance to get to know us. We may just be the perfect solution for you.


Cin7 can integrate with hundreds of other cloud software systems. 
We know Cin7 and can complete your custom integration and data workflows with finance, eComm, B2B, 3PL and fulfilment.

New Cin7 Onboarding

Someone has to take the lead when implementing a new inventory software system.  Let 9 Yards do this for your business so you have a great experience and a successful Cin7 Go-Live.

We have completed full Cin7 onboarding for many dynamic global businesses just like yours.  Our clients love our experience, efficiency and integrity.

9 Yards is a specialist out-sourced and remote partner for you who loves Cin7.  We work with you to plan and develop operational inventory processes across your business that you require from your Cin7 system. 

From workflow planning, configuration and implementation including back-end integrations you need with Cin7.  9 Yards immerses into your business and leads you through this process.

Post Implementation

You may have already implemented Cin7 and now need specific assistance.

If you are struggling, 9 Yards can step in and help.  We may be able to find and fix many differing process flow breaks that are not allowing you the freedom for real time inventory management.  This includes inventory logistical impacts across the wider business units.

Or now it is time to launch your Shopify or Amazon reseller store.  We can help.  From Procure to Pay so that your consumers have a great shipping experience and you manage your inventory in real-time in your Cin7 system.

Perhaps the integration with Xero is not as seamless as you wanted.  9 Yards Inventory can work through the Cin7 back end to open the data sharing and bring together Cin7 and Xero data reconciliation.

Super user

When it comes to taking the lead to optimise your Cin7 system including integrations, 9 Yards is your go-to-super user.

Super Users are the designated and experienced resource that you can tap into who know how your system should and needs to work.  Super Users then guide you through your transition and transfers knowledge to your team.  This is our consultancy service.

9 Yards is called on when you need to trouble-shoot, test and identify errors and ineffective workflows. This is our contracting service.

9 Yards is experienced in leading the commercial application of Cin7 systems to customise to better reflect your own business processes.

Finance Reconciliations

Your business needs to rely on accurate and real-time inventory and finance data.  9 Yards can integrate these two invaluable systems for you.  Whether you need Cin7 and Xero or Cin7 and Quickbooks.

Based on your operational inventory processes, connecting these beneficial system requires 9 Yards to plan, develop, implement and test this critical integration.  We immerse ourself into your business to create the most optimal outcomes.

Monthly reporting and finance reconciliations can be automated to allow you better inventory intelligence.

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