The Trainer

Cin7 Trainer

As a Cin7 Trainer, we create bespoke training sessions for your team to upskill to improve performance and reduce errors.

Our training often accompanies the custom workflow configurations we have created that are unique to your inventory processes.

Due to the powerful software, we can enhance your Cin7 backend and then train your team as to the new way to utilize your software.

9 Yards are a Certified Cin7 Integration Partner.

Become a Cin7 rockstar

Increase productivity and decrease errors

Training sessions are designed to work through how your Cin7 system is configured. 9 Yards develops a training programme that marries how to best utilise Cin7 to achieve your business outcomes

Share screens

Work on your own system with your own real data.  9 Yards training is real life and in real time.

Upskilling your team is an incremental process.  Learning each step of how to input data, edit, undo and tranform data is vital to increase efficiency.

To become the Cin7 Rockstar requires some one-one-one training that can move as fast as you can learn.  Tap into 9 Yards for your own training programme.

Every question matters and 9 Yards encourages all questions to help you better understand Cin7 and the commercial application of your system optimise your use

"Get your issue fixed while you learn"

Paul Murray
Cin7 and integration specialist

Cin7 training

9 Yards wants you to succeed.

9 Yards training is next-level as to the commercial application of how you use Cin7.  

Our specialisation allows your company to work towards real-time inventory management across the back end of your business.

Your business has differing requirements from the system to manage the strategic goals and daily operational processes. That is where we can fill this knowledge gap and support your team to prepare, execute and lead you through these processes.

What you learn using
your own Cin7 system

Sales orders and credits

Purchases, production jobs

You don’t know what we know – yet! Invest in yourself and become a Cin7 whiz

eComm, B2B, 3PL and accounting

Stock on hand movements vs COGS, purchase adjustments

Get excited with what else you can create with your new knowledge of reports

How it works

Book in as many hours as you want help in a month.   

Virtual training with sharing screens. 

Step by step walk through of each issue in your system to resolve and learn how to do yourself in the future.

Training customised to your business requirements.

After customisation

Training has become a natural progression once 9 Yards has optimised your system.  

We then upskill your team as to the best processes to input data and manage business functions within Cin7.

This is imperative to transer knowledge to all Cin7 users in your organisation.

The benefits

Every team member who is responsible for inputting data into Cin7 system needs training.  

The more skills are improved, the less errors will occur which reduces your dirty data and increases productivity.

Customised training will address specific issues you want corrected.

"No demo system, we train within your Cin7 software"

Paul Murray
Cin7 and integration specialist